photo Quotable mondays (pQm)

Great quote from a story of the making of the photo Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico (see photo below) by Ansel Adams off the Ansel Adams Gallery site. I don’t even attempt to put my photographic attempts in the same post as one of his photos. His photos are amazing, inspirational and need to stand alone. But the quote gives me great hope when I end up with a disk full of photos that haven’t turned out as I see them. 

Moonrise Hernandez, New Mexico

I had been photographing in the Chama Valley , north of Santa Fe . I made a few passable negatives that day and had several exasperating trials with subjects that would not bend to visualization. The most discouraging effort was a rather handsome cottonwood stump near the Chama River . I saw my desired image quite clearly, but due to unmanageable intrusions and mergers of forms in the subject my efforts finally foundered, and I decided it was time to return to Santa Fe . It is hard to accept defeat, especially when a possible fine image is concerned. But defeat comes occasionally to all photographers, as to all politicians, and there is no use moaning about it. – Ansel Adams

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