Christian community and the arts

firing the potsOne growing area of interest for me is in the arts. I envision myself as a developing photographer and in this I am an artist. The question that I am struggling with is: Are arts and creativity an important part of the journey of being conformed to the images of God and living out that reflecting of what God is like? The answer seems to be yes when we create we reflect the creativity of our creator.

When we create pieces of art, whether photographs or music or books or sculptures or paintings or pottery the painter's handwe reflect the image of our creator. Not only does the simple fact that we create demonstrate what God is like but probably more importantly what we create reveals what God is like.

What we create should flow from a clear motiviation of showing whatwhat God is like and about what he is doing in redeeming a people for himself. What we create should demonstrate his goodness, his faithfulness, the hope of redemption, his excellence his compassion, his justice. As artists who have been redeemed we should be a vocal, humble and grateful creative people that are an alternative or counter-cultural community of artists. We don’t have to follow the trends of the modern art world that doesn’t recognize its creator but instead we should create art that flows from the reality that God is God of all and that he has made us lights on a hill who were created anew in Christ to reflect God’s image to our world.

glazing potteryHere is a great quote from an article on community and the arts from Josh Baylor at Sojourn Community Church in Kentucky.

Here’s what I’m thinking: Creativity, for the creature, caries with it the same idea as theology, for the theologian, which I may add we are, each one of us, creatures and theologians (it’s more a matter of the expression of our creativity and how good our theology is).

To the point, I’ve heard it said theology is thinking God’s thoughts after Him. So it is with creativity, the creature is only creative to the extent of the creature’s knowledge of the Creator and His creation. Thus, the lack of such knowledge leads to a distortion of beauty in creativity. So creativity is thinking the Creator’s thoughts after him.

I might even say we should all aspire to be better creative creature-theologians. It comes down to acknowledging ourCreator-God always everywhere.

Read the rest of the article here.


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