middle road repentance

Great post by Jonathan Dodson over at Creation Project on middle road repentance. It provides some great practical and gospel saturated direction for fighting the fight of faith against sin.

All too often, our notions of repentance too expensive or too cheap. Some of us view repentance as an self-reliant effort to reach deep down into our own spiritual pockets to pay God for our forgiveness. Others of us view repentance as a superficial performance. We slip into the confessional booth, say our sins, slip out, and we are good. Then we keep on sinning. The self-reliant approach is too expensive. The superficial approach is too cheap. What we need is middle-of-the-road repentance. Middle-of-the-road repentance avoids the dangers of legalistic and loose repentance, while possessing promise for real change.

read the rest of the post here.

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