how can the church and art cooperate for the gospel

As you know a growing area of interest for me is the gospel, Christianity and the arts. I discovered a great two part interview over at rethink mission with the directors of four church related arts centers throughout the country. I think it has a lot of great thoughts to stimulate thinking about arts and church. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Below you can find the links and a sample of the great responses. The quotes are from Michael Winters of The 930 part of Sojourn Community Church in Kentucky.

here is the intro to the series from Rethink Mission

As a local church how do you engage and inspire artists? Today we begin a two part interview aimed at answering that question with the directors of four different art centers that were started by, based out of, or sponsored by local churches in four different cities:
Joanna Taft with Harrison Center for the Arts in Indianapolis
Michael Winters with The 930 Art Center in Louisville
James McAnally with The Luminary Center for the Arts in St. Louis
Grace Hwang with Salt Art Space in New York

Read the full interviews below:

The church and artists roundtable part 1

Rethink Mission: Tell me about the vision or philosophy behind your arts center or gallery.

Michael Winters, The 930
The overall mission of Sojourn Church, which operates The 930 Art Center, is to see the gospel transform everything – individuals, the church, the world.  So, the 930 supports that mission by seeking to see the gospel transform artists, the work they make, and the local scene in which they work.

Our philosophy of ministry for the 930 gallery really leans on the idea of ‘imago dei’.  All humans are made in the image of the Creator God, so we each have creativity in our nature.  An art gallery can become a hub for that creativity and hopefully reveal something about human nature and a shadow of God’s divine nature.  Art can deal with all the issues of life, so it’s very useful for creating an intersection between the church and the world.

The church and artists roundtable part 2

Rethink Mission: What pitfalls that you would warn a local church to avoid in creating a ministry for artists?

Michael: I’ve seen a lot of churches get into doing things with art, but not really understanding why they’re doing it.  Somebody just told them art is a good thing.  I think it’s valuable to experiment with incorporating art into the life of the church, but don’t do it for the art.  Do it for the mission of Christ.  Think about the mission of your church and then see how artists might be able to serve that mission.  You’ve got to have gospel-centered reasons for incorporating art into church


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