creative projects

I need some help. I tend to be strong at coming up with ideas but for many reasons (lazy, insecure, distracted, on to a new idea) am terrible about following through with these ideas to completion. Over the last year I have been really exploring some creative avenues. I really enjoy them but am having trouble moving beyond the initial stages. As a result I have started several projects or at least worked through them in my head but haven’t taken things to the next step. I could really use some encouragement to keep working and some accountability to make sure that I keep working. If you would please check in with me to see how things are moving. Here is a list of projects that I would like to see completed this year in photography, art and writing.

Writing: Symbols of our making (novel)

Art: Church sponsored art festival in early spring of 2009.

Photography: 1. Land of Plenty: homelessness, poverty and the recession in the OC (photo journalism style) 2. DOF still photography series 3. Soul of surfing (photo portfolio for submission in the 2010 Follow the light Foundation photo contest in August of 2010) 4 HBAC photography salon show in January (2 photos) 5. HBAC Centered at the Center summer salon exhibit in June (2 photos) 6. Houses of worship


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