older interview (2007) with ND Wilson

ND Wilson is a children’s fantasy writer and a Christian. I came across a great interview with him on the Novel Journey blog. read the full article here.

Encouragement to write or work on any art form for that matter:If you want to write, do it. Don’t talk about it, start. Don’t have time? Do it anyway. It’s easy to hang out in a coffee shop and wish and hope; it’s hard to sit at a computer night after night disciplining yourself. When I started my first novel, I didn’t own a computer, but I could use one at work after hours. My wife would come down with me and our son would sit in a wind-up swing until I’d finished my word-count quota. When I’d finished, it wasn’t any good. But you won’t get good at anything until you’ve been bad at it.

The kind of books Christian’s should love:

Ha. I’m going to cheat here. Any good story is a Christian story. Look at it apart from the author. Is the story beautiful? Does it pay tribute in execution, content, texture and personality, to the worthy things in this reality of ours? Then who cares who the author is or what they think? Christians should love it. Factor in the authors and things get funny. Some of the worst books I’ve ever read were written by Christians as explicitly “Christian” books and painted pictures (in my opinion) entirely antithetical to a joyful, laughing, Christian view of reality, making them anti-Christian (while perhaps well-intentioned).

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