pQm (photo Quotable mondays) 8-16-10

If you spend anytime looking over my photography you will know that I have a love affair with the Huntington Beach pier. It’s an iconic image, while it is architecturally fairly routine, it provides an amazing opportunity to explore the juxtaposition and unity of modern life and structures, combined with surf culture and nature. You can see them combine beautifully on almost any day at the pier. When composing photos of this place it never fails to amaze me how varied and drastically different each image can be. Even on the same night minute by minute you see the sometimes subtle and often dramatic changes happening around this one standard. These two quotes from Dorothea Lange really capture the power of photographing the pier.

Pick a theme and work it to exhaustion…the subject must be something you truly love or truly hate. – Dorothea Lange

Photographers stop photographing a subject too soon before they have exhausted the possibilities. – Dorothea Lange

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