introducing ktizo

Ktizo is a biblical Greek word that means to create. Often it is used of to express God’s creation of the world and of humans. Ktizo a group that strengthens, supports and provides a format for Christian artists to develop and utilize their gifts and talents for the glory of God, the good of the church and to provide a counter-cultural movement in the world through the arts:  fine; literary; musical and performance. It isn’t so much about religious art as it is about artists who are Christians reflecting the nature of God as creator and redeemer as they fulfill their identities as artists.

The mission statement for Ktizo is:

Kitzo is about enabling a community of artists within the church who through their artistic expression reflect the reality of God and his redemptive purposes for the good of the church and humanity.

Our values are:

Beauty – community – creation – redemption – revelation

Hoping to find and build a community of artists who trust in God, support and enable each other to fulfill our identities as artists in Christ. If you or anyone you know are interested in participating please let me know.

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