photo Quotable mondays (pQm) 3-19-12

As I have been  thinking about what is the mission of jst photography and for that matter what is my mission as a photographer I have been spending time reading quotes by some of my favorite photographers. My goal hasn’t been foremost to learn technique but instead to learn what does it mean to see. The ability to see is something that is common with all visual arts and with photography seeing is essential. Photographers capture in a moment what is really there. The photographer, as an artist, has a chance to see what is important and what is real and then the final task of sharing what was seen with others.

One of the themes that I want to characterize all of my work, whether it is fine art photographs or family portraiture, is a commitment to capture an iconic image that captures the essence of who or what is being photographed with a glimpse of beauty, dignity, unity and transcendence of what can be. One of my favorite photographers Edward Weston captures this them of seeing the essence in who or what is being photographed in this quote

The camera should be used for a recording of life, for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself, whether it be polished steel or palpitating flesh. – Edward Weston


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