tuesday’s photography tips: spring is in the air and so are flowers

One thing that I have discovered is that there is a ton of great tips and tools for learning about photography on the internet. Each Tuesday I want to take a post to share something helpful I have come across. For today’s first post I came across this post on http://blog.posterjack.ca/ on tips for flower photography. Be sure to read the whole post Flower photography Tips and Techniques and try the ideas with your own photos.

Here is the first couple of paragraphs and one of my photos that demonstrates the idea:

Whether you’re a budding photographer with the desire to learn new skills or you’ve already blossomed into a talented shooter and are simply looking for inspiration, here are several flower photography tips and techniques worth learning.

First, Learn the Basics

There are several composition techniques that can be applied to many photography genres, and flower photography is no exception. For example, in order to capture great baby photos, you should try filling your frame and shooting from different angles – the same holds true for flower photography.

Filling your camera’s frame with a portion of the flower will highlight its details, really showing off the textures of the petals, pollen, and other parts of the flower. Further, if you fill your frame with the flower, you easily eliminate any distracting backgrounds.


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