Wednesday’s Words of Wisdom: Encountering God through art some issues

There is a great blog named transpositions that tackles some great questions on intersection of art and theology. Here is a recent post on issues that come up when talking about encountering God through art. Here are the three points the author raises along with a snippet from their point under each issue. Be sure to stop by their site and read the full article here.

  1. Issues of Particularity:  The arts are not special because they house the divine presence permanently, providing a place for us to go and be assured of divine meeting. Rather, God actively engages with his creation, and he often uses the arts in this encounter because of their tendency to open us up to new ideas and worlds.
  2. Issues of Origin: One might encounter God through an atheist’s work, but the nature of that encounter will be the same as when viewing a Christian painting. Both artworks will highlight certain features of the world, but ultimately, I think it is the work of the Holy Spirit that reveals divine presence to us.
  3. Issues of Vocation/Calling:  Human making (creating art) plays a major role in making possible the meeting of the human and divine. We are called to creatively engage with the world around us. The arts, therefore, should be a central component of theological thought.

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this article and what other issues do you think are relevant in when talking about encountering God through art.

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