Splash against the rocks

I love rocky coastlines. Growing up in inland Orange County the beach was for family trips a few times during the summer and we always headed down to Huntington Beach. The beach there is this massive sprawling strip of sand and people. I still spend lots of time there and see so much beauty especially as the tide rolls out and the sun drops down to towards the horizon lighting the sand in the most amazing shades of orange and yellow and red. It is surreal and reflective and mystical in its own right.

But to be honest other than one time in sixth grade when we went to Dana Point Harbor to visit the tide pools I didn’t know that Orange County had rocky coastlines. Yet from Corona del Mar down that is almost all that we have. There is something powerful about the waves breaking along the rocks. There is something rugged and regal about the nooks and contures of a rocky coastline. When you are there you are isolated and it creates space for exploring and even betterĀ contemplation seems to be the order of the day. Hope you are able to enjoy the space for exploring and contemplating this morning.


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