Tuesdays photography Tips: 10 tips for today

This is a great post that I found over at the photofocus blog. You should check out this page. There are lots of great tips for photography over there.

NOTE: I’ve only titled this part IV because I’ve written at least three posts like this over the years. Use the search function on the blog and try to find them if you’re interested.

I occasionally write posts like this because my main goal with this site is to get people up and off the couch so they can go make pictures. It mostly applies to beginners but even pros can use a refresher once in a while. There’s always an excuse NOT to shoot, but if you have something new to think about or try – maybe that will become an excuse TO shoot. So without further introduction, here are 10 things that you can do TODAY (emphasis on TODAY) to be a better photographer.

1. Stick around for 10 minutes AFTER the sunsets. Some of the prettiest light still remains and any subject you photograph during this 10 minute time frame will look great.

2. Stabilizing your camera (preferably with a tripod) is on of the single best things you can do to improve your images.

3. Rent or buy a flash and then use it. Even in broad daylight – a flash can make your images sing. Available light is fine – I consider a flash in my bag to be available light because it’s available to use!

You can read the whole post here.


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