Wednesdays Words of Wisdom: The artist as servant

Came across this great article thinking about the artist as servant over at the Adventures in Faith and Art blog

Artmaking is a paradoxical activity.  It is often a highly intimate expression of the artist.  Our art is birthed from our talents and sweat-obtained technique, and also from our uniquely individualized story and worldview.  But at the same time, great art only happens when we serve the art, allowing the art to be greater than we are. For art – if it is to have any consequence – must have meaning apart from the artist. And so as artists, we must allow our artwork to have a life of its own, it is to have its own identity and purpose and expression very much separate from ourselves. 

Read the full article here.

What do you all think about his three points that through the creation of art artist serve their work, others and God? Does this seem like a legitimate expression of our following Jesus’s example to be a servant to all?

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