photo Quotable mondays (pQm) photography is art too

Yesterday I was visiting a local establishment that displays art from local artists on a rolling basis. I inquired about having my photography displayed and was shocked by the following response

“Oh I don’t think they do photography only art.” – unnamed employee

After biting my tongue from blurting out condescendingly, “photography is art” I politely asked if I could speak to the person who makes those decision and gratefully the naive employee passed their card onto me. Hopefully the manager will be more open to seeing the artistic merits of photography.  This whole exchange reminded me of the following quote by

Art is not so much a matter of methods and processes as it is an affair of temperament, of taste and of sentiment… In the hands of the artist, the photograph becomes a work of art… In a word, photography is what the photographer makes it – an art or a trade. – William Howe Downess – Photo Era, March 1900, World History of Photography by Naomi Rosenblum 


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