Tuesdays photography Tips: Finding the extrodinary in the ordinary

One of the things that really shapes my idea of photography is the concept of seeing. The idea that the photographer’s job is to open first their eyes to see the beauty around them and then through their photographs to open the eyes of the viewer to see that beauty that escapes their day to day glance because it is right in front of their eyes. So late in June, I decided to open my eyes and stretch how much I was seeing.

Normally, I’m drawn to dramatic sunsets and landscapes and I was feeling a little bit in a rut shooting the same thing. The plan was to spend the morning walking around my neighborhood looking for something not in my wheelhouse. The day was about shooting with no planned photo target in mind but just look and see. It was an amazing exercise and the results were powerful in discovering great images and in refreshing my ability to see when I go back to my wheelhouse. I recommend it to all fine art photographers looking to expand there capability to see.

Here are a list of 5 things to help stir your creative exploration.

1. Flowers

2. Alleys

3. Abandoned or closed business parks

4. Doors and architectural detail

5. signs


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