Wednesdays words of Wisdom: The ordinary things

One of my favorite blogs to check is Adventures in Faith and Art and in looking for some great pearls of wisdom to share here today I came across this article understanding how Jesus was able to see the truth revealed in the ordinary simple things. Here is a brief blurb to get you started.

There are a lot of ordinary things in the world.  That is, by definition, what ordinary is.  Flowers growing in a field.  Birds flying effortlessly in the sky.  Farmers planting their seed in the earth.  Fish swimming in the deep blue sea.

We tend to see past the ordinary.  We drive to work or to the store, and our eyes do not see the beauty that whizzes by our windows.  There’s a long line of trees that I pass by every day on my way to work, young and green and hopeful.  They stretch their tiny branches up to the sky, catching rays of sunlight, catching bits of life in every single leaf.  Intricate and delicate stems intersect their way down to a fledgling but sturdy trunk and underground to unseen roots below.  In their own way and by their very design, they declare the glory of God.  But I do not see the trees, I do not see the leaves, I do not see the life abounding.  I only see the traffic lights.

Read the rest here.

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