Tuesdays photography Tips: Rules, laws, guideposts or mere suggestions

This is an interesting  article I came across that talks about the flexibility that comes with composition rules in photography, over at A Winter in Provence

Did you ever notice that your photographs that garner the most attention ( forget Uncle Al in his birthday suit ) are the simple ones? The ones that captured a fleeting moment? Or that one with the powerful dramatic composition? People love that stuff… because they react to strong single-minded composition… without really thinking about it. It is built in.

Let’s talk a bit more about composition. More rules have been written about how to achieve a swell composition than almost anything else in photography. Don’t these people have something else better to do? Apparently not.

Read the rest here

I’m working on a series of posts that guide my composition decisions that relate to space, subject, and style

Space: don’t be afraid to fill the space

Subject: seeing the ordinary in a unique way lets others see it for the first time

Style: have a vision when approaching an image – for me I have four goals in mind when shooting an image beauty, unity, trancendence and iconicness

Well that is my effort to kick of some discussion. I would love to hear feedback from everyone on what rules or tips you use to in making composition decisions. The more tips we all share the better our toolbox will be.


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