Friday Art Focus RAW Natural Born Artists

RAW: Natural Born Artists is a great organization that helps artists work together to create opportunities to showcase their work. After a get to know you interview I decided to give them a try and agreed to showcase my work at their then upcoming July showcase. To be honest, it was one of the best decisions I have made in pursuing my passion as an artist. They host every other month showcase events in 65 different cities and if you get a chance to attend one they are worth it. Here is a documentary about what they do in brining artists together and supporting their work. The documentary is 45 minutes long but well worth the watch if you are interested in a great organization that is creating space for art in our communities.  I will be participating in their upcoming April Marvel showcase. You can purchase tickets in support of me for this showcase here.

RAWcross America

Please be sure to visit the Orange County page as well to see my work and the work of many great artists they are working with here.

As part of participating in their monthly showcase they produce a video interview with each artist. Here are my interviews from July and August.

I plan on making this Friday art focus post a regular series. If you have an arts organization or even better an artist you would like to have showcased in these posts please shoot me a message where I can start working on a schedule.

Thank you


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