photo Quotable monday (pQm) 3-25-13

Here is a quote by another photographer that I have tremendous respect for, documentary photographer and photojournalist, Dorothea Lange. Her photographs put a compassionate face to and humanized the people impacted by the depression era.

As photographers, we turn our attention to the familiarities of which we are a part. So turning, we in our work can speak more than of our subject – we can speak with them; we can more than speak about our subjects – we can speak for them. They, given tongue, will be able to speak with and for us. And in this language will be proposed to the lens that with which, in the end, photography must be concerned – time, and place, and the works of man. – Dorothea Lange

You can learn more about Dorothea Lange and her photography here.

Here are a few humble attempts, by me, to pay homage to her photography style in the world that I walk through each day.

1 fisherwoman blog post 1 hb street artist blog post 1 homeless in hb under the pier blog post 1 huntington beach drum circle 1 blog post walking blog post

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