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I want to thank one of my favorite photography bloggers over at Junjazz for pointing me to this great article Alain Broit that he wrote on Nature Photographers Online Magazine. I would love to hear your thoughts about this article and see if you can add anything to this list to help us all out.

waves crashing on the rocks D

The purpose of the artist is to express reality as felt. – Robert Motherwell

What are the most important aspects of Fine Art Photography? The answer to this question certainly varies from photographer to photographer because each of us places more importance on some aspects than on others. What follows is what I personally consider to be the most important aspects of Fine Art photography.

This list is excerpted from a longer list that I use for teaching during my workshops and seminars. The decision to create a shorter list, with only 16 items instead of 37, stemmed from the desire to focus on the essential aspects of Fine Art Photography regardless of which scenes we photograph, what subject we are study or what next step we are working towards. The resulting list is free from a particular teaching emphasis and represents what I look for in a Fine Art Photograph.

1 – Become An Expert In Light

2 – Compose Your Images Carefully

3 – Study Colors And Contrast

4 – Create Images That Represent What You Felt, Not Just What You Saw

5 – Focus On Quality Not Quantity

6 – Master Both Art And Technique

7 – Master All The Aspects Of Fine Art Photography

8 – Optimize Your Photographs Using Layers In Photoshop.

9 – Make The Final Print Your Goal

10 – Mat And Present Your Work In A Professional Manner

11 – Focus Your Work And Efforts On Projects

12 – Share Your Work With Others And Build An Audience

13 – Do Not Try To Recreate The Wheel

14 – Create A Personal Style

15 – Do not expect success overnight

16 – Do Not Overestimate Talent


2 responses to “Tuesday photography Tips fine art tips

  1. Great blog and a wonderful post! I have copied your rules, I find them most helpful.
    Have a lovely Monday.
    Greetings from the stormy seaside

    • Dina,

      Thank you for the kind notes. I found this list very helpful as well. Thank you for following the blog and I look forward to seeing more from you.

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