Tuesdays photography tips 10 don’ts for street photography

1 huntington beach drum circle 1 blog postHere is a great article from Turn 2 Page LIFE giving 10 don’ts instead of 1o do’s for street photography

Street Photography is one of those kind where you will find more hobbyists rather than professionals. The prime reason behind this is because it is so much fun. Most street photographers are there only because they want to be there. They want to do it. It is a different kind of experience all together. As Thomas Leuthard says, “Street photography is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

But this awesome fun-filled kind of photography has it’s own obstacles too. And you get to know more about them as you keep shooting. But once you master these obstacles, nobody can beat you. Below I have listed down a few such points that I have learned from my personal experience and can recall at this moment. Hope they are of some help to you, the next time you go out on the streets.

Do not think twice!walking blog post

Do not stop for too long!

Do not make eye contact!

Do not look back!

Do not exclaim!

Do not keep looking at your LCD!

Do not use a big camera or lens!

Do not shoot Manual!

Do not be scared!

Do not get into arguments!

Be sure to read the full article here to get the full explanation on what these don’ts are all about.

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