photo Quotable mondays (pQm) 5-20-13

I love this quote by photojournalist Margaret Bourke-White

We see a great deal of the world. Our obligation is to pass it on to others – Margaret Bourke-White

This is part of what drives my desire to photograph. I want and need to share what I see and discover with others. Like Ansel Adam’s says, “There are two people in every photograph, the photographer and the viewer.” We create images to share with others.

Margaret Bourke-White was the first female war coorespondent and the first women allowed in combat zones. You can learn more about her here.

Gandhi at his spinning wheel photograph by Margaret Bourke Whitephotograph: Gandhi at his spinning wheel by Margaret Bourke-White

2 responses to “photo Quotable mondays (pQm) 5-20-13

  1. Sorry, she was the first female American war photojournalist. The first female war correspondent was a Brit called Sarah Wilson. She covered the Boar War in 1899.

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