Featuring my photography tonight at Orange County Creatives

1 triangle of surfers black and white 11 x 14 etsyOne of the most difficult parts of trying to establish myself as a fine art photographer has been finding places to show my work and translating those contacts into successful purchases.  Fortunately, there is an answer to the first half of this difficulty. One great solution is growing number of Art Walks that are springing up in Orange County. These are reasonably priced opportunities that give you an opportunity to get your work seen by others and this gives you an opportunity to build those relationships with other artists and potential buyers of your work.

One of the best art walks in Orange County is the Santa Ana Art Walk at the Artist Village in Santa Ana, CA. This art walk is located in a 4 block area around Broadway and 2nd street. This area, known as the Artist Village, is home to, the Santora building (housing artist studios and galleries on 2 and a half floors), a great promenade, restaurants, and pubs, artist studios, and many great galleries. You can spend a fun Saturday evening wandering through the studios and galleries and seeking local artists share their work with you.

1 Flowers on the Road to Hana 22 11x14 etsyI am going to be showing my work at a new gallery space, run by Orange County Creatives, on Saturday April 6 from 7 to 10 pm. The address is 207 Broadway, Suite D, Santa Ana, CA 92701. If you are in the area, please stop by to see my photography and the art of the other exhibiting artists.  This is a monthly show, hosted by Orange County Creatives, that provides space for 7 to 20 artists to exhibit select pieces of work to the public. I’m really excited to be able to partner with Orange County Creatives.  They are a new group that has a mission of “Connecting artists with opportunities to be seen”.

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