Beauty without its Purpose

As I have been processing some of my work and updating my photography pages with available work these 8 photographs really jumped out at me and I started to develop a theme and statement that I wanted to make with this collection of work.

You have all of these common, superficial, and banal subjects that in and of themselves aren’t necessarily interesting. They aren’t particularly beautifully designed but are functional and kitschy fun in the case of the amusement park images. None of them are being used and they aren’t fulfilling their purpose.

There isn’t a great story being told by any of them in this empty, unused, and purposeless state I think is where the story starts to unfold. By choosing to capture them in this out of place lack of function way as well as the abstract angles and crops of the picture they become artworks and a new purpose as art develops for the viewer and photographer.

The more you look at them, particularly as a collection, my mind gets drawn to us as humans. Most of us aren’t anything special. We live, we function, we are good, simple, and a little complex but we are not remarkable. We aren’t great by any stretch. Most people wouldn’t take a second look or consideration of most of us. This sounds bleak but it isn’t meant to be a harsh take on people just a reality check that in the grand scheme of the world we live and other than beyond a few people we aren’t known and aren’t considered special. But, but this isn’t the way that we have to be. Each person is unique and is special in someway. If we take a moment to look at those we encounter with hopeful and creative eyes we might start to see them as something more, as something special, and as something beautiful. The cashier, the trash man, the waiter, our friends, the regular person we cross paths with, and even us; we have a story, we have hopes, and we have dreams. If we look beyond the superficial glance, the doubt, and commonness we might find something beautiful and amazing in ourselves and others.

Please take a moment to look at these images and see them in a new artistic light and them even more important look at yourself, your loved ones and the people you cross paths with in this new light as well.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk abstract original red file

1 balboa fun zone ferris wheel 8x10 black and white etsy level one escalator b&w etsy 8x10 3 fire hose plug small file 1 silhouetted light 8x10 etsy ferris wheel and palm tree black and white empty carnival swings11x14 etsy 1 empty sky cabins 8x10 etsy

If you are interested in purchasing this series Beauty without its Purpose it is available as both digital downloads ($1.99 per image) or in printed and framed form individually or collectively in various sizes and options. Each print 11×14 framed with museum matting is $130 (other options will change the price). If you would like to purchase more than one piece I will offer 10% off each piece. Please contact me at

Thank you


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