Trees, trees and trees

Have you ever stopped to appreciate trees. There is a majesticness about them as they tower above us. They cast shadows that bring shade and coolness to the area around them. Birds and wildlife find shelter and homes in them. They produce oxygen that is necessary for life. We live in a balanced system with them.

In this series I try to take a close up look at trees in isolation or small groups. I hope you don’t get lost in the forest but see each tree and trace the twists, textures, and the beauty of each one.

Please take a moment to see this great collection of trees that I am offering and bring some of their majestic beauty to your home.

1 stark landscape 11x14 etsy 1 rainbow eucalyptus trees 1 11x14 etsy fallen tree etsy 1 Hawaiian rainforest mossy growth 11x14 etsy silhouetted bare trees looking up to the canopy Maui tree Santa Cruz tree and lighthouse black and white skyline through the trees cypress tree

If you are interested in purchasing this series, Trees, trees and trees, it is available as both digital downloads ($1.99 per image) or in printed and framed form individually or collectively in various sizes and options. My standard choice for printing and framing is an 11×14 photograph framed with museum matting and the cost $130 (other options are available but will change the price). If you would like to purchase more than one piece there is a 10% off each piece. Please contact me at

Thank you


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