Light, water and sand abstracts

Photography is all about light and what light does. Light does some amazing things when it encounters different things. Abstracts are about evoking things. They say something but what they say is often an internal or unspoken conversation between the intention of the artist as they create the piece and the viewer as they encounter the piece. Each party brings their own self to the piece and what is discovered in the abstract is much larger than the piece itself.

This collection of abstract pieces are about the play of light, water and sand. This collection is all about reflections and what you discover when you see things reflected back. What you see is just the launching pad to what you discover as you mull and contemplate the play of light, sand, and water in the reflection.

abstract streams of gold

abstract reflections foam and reflection 8x10 etsy reflected sunset and bubbles sunlight on the sand 1 reflections of pylons 11 x 14 reflections abstract on the sand amazing orange sunset smokey sunset

To purchase any of the pieces in this series, Light, Water, and Sand Abstracts, they are available as both digital downloads ($1.99 per image) or in printed and framed form individually or collectively in various sizes and options. My standard choice for printing and framing is an 11×14 photograph framed with museum matting and the cost $130 (other options are available but will change the price). If you would like to purchase more than one piece there is a 10% off each piece. Please contact me at

Thank you


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