b&W and sepia

One of the things that makes art valuable is the ability that the artist has to connect the admirer or purchaser with something. As a photographer this ability to provide something that helps people connect is a huge part of what motivates me to create. Digital photography allows me to share my work with many people because prints or images can be reproduced. From my perspective art’s value comes from both the connection it is able to create and the number of people who find connection worth making their own. Digital photography allows me to share my work with many people because my original work is easily able to be reproduced. With this ability art does not have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be limited to something hung on the wall. I love being in a digital world.

Because of this I am doing something radical and possibly counter intuitive. I’m making my work available as digital images at a more than reasonable price. With the digital image you are able to do just about anything you want other than sell the image yourself without prior approval. I have a goal of getting 1,000,000 of my photographs out to as many people as possible within the next 15 years. Is that a big dream, yes, but it is a dream to give you options to connect with beauty, transcendence, and unity. Thanks for being part of the journey.

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Of course, if you want me to customize, print, mat, or frame your image I am able to do that at a reasonable cost as well. The goal is to create connections with my work. Contact me for details on customizing your image for your needs. There is one final step after you purchase your print. Please email me at jason.tockey@gmail.com to tell me which image or images you purchased where I am able to send you the digital image.

Thank you


Send me an email at jason.tockey@gmail.com to purchase your print

skyline through the treesSkyline Through the Trees

This photograph was taken on a photo walk through downtown Los Angeles, CA. One of my favorite things in this image is the juxtaposition of the natural with the manmade. You have the skyscrapers that tower above the tree but the pperspectiveallows the natural a place of supremacy in the composition. In creating and processing the image I really tried to heighten the contrast and the to bring out the most in the tree and have the skyscrapers fade into the background.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk black and whiteSanta Cruz Boardwalk

This photograph, as the title reveals, was taken on the boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA. The palm trees towering and drifting back towards the center of the image keeps your eyes centered. One thing I believe that is essential in photography is learning how to crop. I once read something along the lines of, “We crop to make our photographs better.” In this image I chose to crop the image right up to the edge of the boardwalk sign because I wanted to make that part of the photo prominent. I love the eeriness of the emptiness of the boardwalk. You are able to imagine and dream about what fun is possible when it is bustling with life and activity.

The surfer's pathThe Surfers Path

Continuing on with another photograph from Santa Cruz, CA. This location is right at the end of the point north of the pier. The Santa Cruz Surfing museum is in a cool lighthouse right behind us. It was amazing to watch these surfers walk out over the edge and see them emerge on the side of a cliff to the left and leap into the water. In the next image you will see them leaping into the water ready for a cold surfing session.

leaping into the waterLeaping into the Water

Here we are back in Santa Cruz and here goes one of our surfers off the cliff and into a lull in the set where they are able to paddle out to find some waves to ride. I love the boldness and the risk that we see here. Our surfer has thrown caution to the side to pursue their passion. It is a great reminder for all of us that sometimes if we want to accomplish something we have to move past our fears and go for it.

Newport Beach life guard stands 8x10 etsyNewport Beach Life Guard Stands

This photograph was taken on a beautiful cloud filled day in Newport Beach, CA. There is a vintage quality to this photograph. We could be staring at a historical image of the peninsula or as is the reality looking at a timeless coastal stretch of sand in the 21st century. Love how the life guard towers drift from the center up and off the image to the right leading us forward into what comes in the future.

vertigo perspective black and whiteVertigo Perspective

This is another image from my photo walk in downtown Los Angeles, CA. It is amazing to me how dominating skycrapers are. Take a moment to look up and be overwhelmed with their invading presence next time you are in the middle of them. Two little but cool features of the composition for me are 1. the little glimpse of tree popping in on the upper left and 2. the dizzying segment of frames that separate the window on the skyscraper to the left.

footprints across the beach black and whiteFootprints on the Sand

One thing that I work  at continuously as I photograph is to not stage images but to find the artistic and beautiful in what I find. This piece is for me probably my favorite example of that and it hangs in my living room because I am proud of it. As I was walking along the beach, I came across these perfectly formed footprints left by a helpful fellow beach walker. I heightened the contrast in this image to get the textures of the individual grains of sand to really pop. The depth of field was fairly shallow because I wanted to be sure that we are reminded that our future at the moment seems unclear but as we walk our journey’s things will come into focus.

painter's handThe Painter’s Hand

This is another o my favorite pieces. The hand belongs to my son as he was working on glazing a pot in the Raku style at an art demonstration table. Take some time to drink in the creativity at work. See the bits of glaze on the fingers and the textures of the hand. The shallower depth of field keeps your eye drawn into the hand where you see the bits of creativity leaving marks.

splash on the rocks black and whiteSplash Against the Rocks

Every time I look at this image I see a profile of a head in the rocks at the right blowing out the water that has rushed in with the wave.  Often times the head reminds me of the Sphinx. I took this photograph at Little Corona Beach in Corona del Mar, CA.


plant growth black and whiteSpotted Plant Growth

This photograph was created on the island of Maui on the Road to Hana. Love the many shades of grey that you find in this plant. Who knew you could find so many shades in a black and white image. Reminds me of old growth and tropical forests. Great addition for fan of black and white nature images.

3 old water pump black and white etsyOld Water Pump Valve

Always fun to head out on a photo walk because you are never quite sure what you might find. This old rusted water pump valve was hidden just off the path as I was hunting for blooming flowers and it called out for some love and attention.

1 wooden train bridge black and white 11x14 etsyWooden Train Bridge Looking Up

This great train bridge is from Capitola, CA just outside of Santa Cruz. Love the lines and light the creak through the openings on the bridge. Sometimes thinking outside of the box and taking a different perspect creates some stunning photographs. Looking up from underneath was the right choice to create some visual beauty in my opinion.

2 flowers with details black and white 11x14 etsyFlowers With Details

Love the tones and textures in this black and white macro floral photograph. The lines and grey tones that create the details are the true star of this photograph. Sometimes the closer in you look the more beautiful a flower can be.



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