One of the things that makes art valuable is the ability that the artist has to connect the admirer or purchaser with something. As a photographer this ability to provide something that helps people connect is a huge part of what motivates me to create. Digital photography allows me to share my work with many people because prints or images can be reproduced. From my perspective art’s value comes from both the connection it is able to create and the number of people who find connection worth making their own. Digital photography allows me to share my work with many people because my original work is easily able to be reproduced. With this ability art does not have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be limited to something hung on the wall. I love being in a digital world.

Because of this I am doing something radical and possibly counter intuitive. I’m making my work available as digital images at a more than reasonable price. With the digital image you are able to do just about anything you want other than sell the image yourself without prior approval. I have a goal of getting 1,000,000 of my photographs out to as many people as possible within the next 15 years. Is that a big dream, yes, but it is a dream to give you options to connect with beauty, transcendence, and unity. Thanks for being part of the journey.

1 image $1.99

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Of course, if you want me to customize, print, mat, or frame your image I am able to do that at a reasonable cost as well. The goal is to create connections with my work. Contact me for details on customizing your image for your needs. There is one final step after you purchase your print. Please email me at to tell me which image or images you purchased where I am able to send you the digital image.

Thank you


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Flowers on the road to Hana 6 11x14 etsy Red Flower

Love the vibrant colors of this photograph that I made on Maui. One of the things I wanted to do with this photo is draw you into the details and let the other things fade away. The lushness and vibrance of this tropical flower creates a perfect beautiful meditative image to enjoy.

1 Hawaiian rainforest mossy growth 11x14 etsyMossy stump

This is another nature picture from the island of Maui. Again I wanted to draw you into the details of the image to allow the viewer to relax and find some peace as they focused on the details of the immediate area. The close crop strips away the world around it.

like baby birds feedingLike Baby Birds Feeding

The close crop on this photo taken on Maui reminds me of baby birds feeding. It is important for us to remember how important it is to nourish our bodies and our souls. Art has a great power to help nourish us and create a joyful and hope filled life.

spring in bloomFirst Blooms of Spring

I love the softness of this photograph. I intentionally left this image minimalistic with nothing in definite focus because I hope that you will get lost in the serenity of the image and in that restful place are able to find clarity and peace. I think for so many of my floral images the goal is to help you find meditative rest and peace when you look at them.

beach flower close upDunes and Beauty

Love the depth of field on this image where you have three flowers one in full bloom and two with growing levels of bloom lost out of focus. The greyness and lack of clarity in the rest of the picture draws your eye into the details on the flower in full bloom.

waterspots on a succulent plantWater Spots on the succulents

Found this beautiful image on a photo walk around my neighborhood. The plant was growing in a city planter along the path. The close up perspective allows us to see the water spots left by the sprinklers. Love how the color starts so vibrant and faces from the center. This is one of my favorite images because I am reminded to slow down and look at the beauty around us because there is lots to see that we miss in the rush and push of daily life.

flowers on the Road to HannaSpinning Towards the Middle

We are back on Maui with this photograph. The curved lines that this plant creates draws you into the focal point on this picture, the bud at the center of the path. Love the vibrant coloring. I love imagining what the flower will look like when in full bloom in this lush image

monarch butterflyMonarch Butterfly

Took this photograph in the butterfly habitat at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. There is a restfulness and peacefulness to what you see in this image. I hope that you are drawn into look at the details and beauty of the butterfly’s wing as it rests on the plant. One thing about this picture that I enjoy is the beauty of the garden sets a pretty backdrop for the real beauty you see when you look closely and enjoy the details.

spring pollinationSpring Pollination

Sometimes you need to travel far to find a perfect image but sometimes you need to travel into the back yard. This beautiful picture was taken in the back yard of my dad’s house as the bumble bee was busy at work gathering pollen and playing its part in creating beauty for us.

poppiesLost in the Poppies

This image was taken in the garden at the Getty in Los Angeles. In so many images I try to strip away the busyness and focus in on something singular and simple but sometimes you need to drink from the fullness that you encounter. This image while it appears busy it still conveys a peacefulness and restfulness. I think that the fact that there is lots here makes you slow down and drink in the beauty that is right before you. What a great less for us to remember to see what good we have in the routine busyness of life.

1 flower with tentacles 11x14 etsyFlower With Tentacles

The depth of field and the vibrant purple color are two of my favorite aspects of this macro flower image. I didn’t have to travel far to find this flower just into the backyard. Sometimes we expect to travel to find beauty but if we open our eyes it is all around us.

1 rainbow eucalyptus trees 1 11x14 etsyRainbow Eucalyptus Forest

This beautiful and meditative image was captured in the Arboretum on Maui. Love the variation and colors on the bark of the trees. Looking into this forest always helps me to relax and find a place of hope and focus. This piece would be a perfect addition to your home or office and create a restful scene to take you away each morning or evening.

Flowers on the road to Hana 6 11x14 etsy (2)Coral and Black

Waves are always fun because they wash things up and down the beach and if you take your time looking at the treasures they leave you often find something beautiful. This piece of coral came in with the tide and created a serene picture with the white juxtaposed against the black of the stones on the beach.

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