Soul of Surfing

One of the things that makes art valuable is the ability that the artist has to connect the admirer or purchaser with something. As a photographer this ability to provide something that helps people connect is a huge part of what motivates me to create. Digital photography allows me to share my work with many people because prints or images can be reproduced. From my perspective art’s value comes from both the connection it is able to create and the number of people who find connection worth making their own. Digital photography allows me to share my work with many people because my original work is easily able to be reproduced. With this ability art does not have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be limited to something hung on the wall. I love being in a digital world.

Because of this I am doing something radical and possibly counter intuitive. I’m making my work available as digital images at a more than reasonable price. With the digital image you are able to do just about anything you want other than sell the image yourself without prior approval. I have a goal of getting 1,000,000 of my photographs out to as many people as possible within the next 15 years. Is that a big dream, yes, but it is a dream to give you options to connect with beauty, transcendence, and unity. Thanks for being part of the journey.

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Of course, if you want me to customize, print, mat, or frame your image I am able to do that at a reasonable cost as well. The goal is to create connections with my work. Contact me for details on customizing your image for your needs. There is one final step after you purchase your print. Please email me at to tell me which image or images you purchased where I am able to send you the digital image.

Thank you


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19 5 surfers 8x10 etsy5 Surfers

This is one of the first images that I captured that really moved me into the idea that I wanted to be a photographer. Love the composition, the play of the light on the water and the strong silhouettes.

1 triangle of surfers black and white 11 x 14 etsyTriangle of Surfers

This beautiful black and white photo was taken in Huntington Beach, CA from the pier looking north along the cost as three surfers are in various stages of the surf process. The figure at the top is heading out of the water, the middle figure on the left is rushing head on to catch his first wave and the closest figure is scouting out the best place for him to paddle out. This piece was created as a tribute to Ansel Adams and his photograph

1 longboarder on the shore 8x10 etsyLong Boarder on the Shore

Another photograph taken in Huntington Beach, CA but this time from south of the pier at sunset. This young surfer is getting ready to paddle out. Love the strong silhouettes and the reflections. Their is something surreal about the coloring of the oranges and blueness of the water as this kid waits to paddle out and enjoy something that likely refreshes him for the day.

1 surfer on the path at La Perouse Bay 8x10 selective coloring etsyThe Surfer on the Path

This photograph was captured on Maui as I was starting my hike through the shore of La Perouse Bay. This surfer was heading back in from surfing down the coastline. The walk to and from the break he was surfing is a surreal landscape full of black lava rocks, white stones, sparse trees, and black feral goats. This time of journey before and after surfing is a perfect place to clear the mind and prepare for life.

getting readyGetting Ready

This image was taken from underneath the Huntington Beach Pier just past sunset on an amazingly lit night during some of the tragic Southern California fire seasons. The ash in the air played with the colors of the sky dramatically as the winds blew the ash over the ocean. This four men talk together about the adventure they are preparing for in the water.

shadows in the reflection Shadows in the Reflections

Love winter sunsets in Hungtington Beach, CA. The combination of low tide, position of the Sun, clouds, and surfers coming in and out of the water is the stuff of strong iconic images.

1 the mystical surfer's path 11x14 black and white etsyThe Mystical Surfer’s Path

Another image from La Perouse Bay on Maui. This place was a dream place for me to photograph. Their is this alien, almost arid, desert landscape running just along the shore as surfers travel through waiting for the waves they long for. Such a powerful and spiritual place to find yourself as you pursue your passion.

snap back black and white etsySnap Back

Most of my images are not action oriented but about the journey, the longing and contemplation of life when surfing is your passion. They are intended to create this spiritual perspective on surfing. This action oriented image was shot from the pier in Huntington Beach, CA and still conveys the spiritual mystical journey that surfing is in my opinion.

silhouette on top of the waveFloating on Top of the Wave

This is another of my action images created to show the spiritual mystical almost romanticism of the surf culture. The soft light and the strong contrast of the silhouette are some of my favorite parts of this image.

The surfer's path

The Surfers Path

Continuing on with another photograph from Santa Cruz, CA. This location is right at the end of the point north of the pier. The Santa Cruz Surfing museum is in a cool lighthouse right behind us. It was amazing to watch these surfers walk out over the edge and see them emerge on the side of a cliff to the left and leap into the water. In the next image you will see them leaping into the water ready for a cold surfing session.

leaping into the water

Leaping into the Water

This image was captured in Santa Cruz, CA. As a surfer finding a lull in the set leaps off the cliff and into the water on their way to paddle out to find some waves. I love the boldness and the risk that we see here. Our surfer has thrown caution to the side to pursue their passion. It is a great reminder for all of us that sometimes if we want to accomplish something we have to move past our fears and go for it.

huntington surfer silhouette

Huntington Beach Surfer Silhouette

This photograph takes me back to the roots of my photographic journey. The call of the sea and the Endless Summer vibe of this photograph is so beautiful. This image is a must have for the surfer you love and for those longing for the beauty of summer dreams.

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