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One of the things that makes art valuable is the ability that the artist has to connect the admirer or purchaser with something. As a photographer this ability to provide something that helps people connect is a huge part of what motivates me to create. Digital photography allows me to share my work with many people because prints or images can be reproduced. From my perspective art’s value comes from both the connection it is able to create and the number of people who find connection worth making their own. Digital photography allows me to share my work with many people because my original work is easily able to be reproduced. With this ability art does not have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to be limited to something hung on the wall. I love being in a digital world.

Because of this I am doing something radical and possibly counter intuitive. I’m making my work available as digital images at a more than reasonable price. With the digital image you are able to do just about anything you want other than sell the image yourself without prior approval. I have a goal of getting 1,000,000 of my photographs out to as many people as possible within the next 15 years. Is that a big dream, yes, but it is a dream to give you options to connect with beauty, transcendence, and unity. Thanks for being part of the journey.

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Of course, if you want me to customize, print, mat, or frame your image I am able to do that at a reasonable cost as well. The goal is to create connections with my work. Contact me for details on customizing your image for your needs. There is one final step after you purchase your print. Please email me at jason.tockey@gmail.com to tell me which image or images you purchased where I am able to send you the digital image.

Thank you


Send me an email at jason.tockey@gmail.com to purchase your print

spiral staircaseSpiral Staircase Squared

Love the lighting and silhouettes that this staircase creates winding its way up. This was taken at UCLA inside one of the buildings. It is always a pleasure to get out and explore common places and find the beauty that surrounds you.

 fallen tree etsyFallen Tree

Found this beautiful meditative high contrast black and white image during a photo walk through a small section of Sequoia National Park. As I was climbing back down the carved rock staircase from Moro Rock this dead tree was waiting patiently to be captured by me with my camera. This image proudly hangs in my living room and is a source of rest, reflection and contemplation.

 up-close LA skylineUp close Los Angeles Skyline

There is something almost majestic about skylines and skycrapers. The ability that we have to create something so massive, functional and beautiful draws us in. This image was taken in downtown Los Angeles. Love the vertical lines the create a jagged up and down pattern from left to right as well as the buildings on the right fighting to get into the image as they climb up the edge of the photograph.

Angel's Flight Rail CarAngels Flight Rail Car

This little train is in Los Angeles and I believe is the shortest rail line in existence. This track is a throwback to an older era of Los Angeles and well worth the trip to downtown for the experience of this little car climbing up and down the steep hill.

tangled on the sand 8x10 etsyTangled on the Sand

Macro abstracts are one of my current favorite areas of photography. I love to zoom in and focus on the details to see what is really there. The colors on this image have been muted creating a surreal perspective. Sometimes in my mind this piece is a visual and contemplative equivalent of a zen garden. Lose yourself in the details and textures to find clarity and peace.

venn diagram etsyVenn diagram

Found this stunning image on a photo walk through my neighborhood. The barbed wire is intended to keep people from being able to climb over a fence into an outdoor storage area at a local business. What is intended to keep out actually in my mind is quite intriguing and captivating drawing me and my camera in. The black and white treatment captures a sense of standoffishness and creates a paradox of wanting to drink in the details.

1 stark landscape 11x14 etsyStark Landscape

This beautiful and surreal image was taken on Maui at La Perouse Bay. This area is the site of the most recent lava flows on the island. The contrast of the white stones and the black lava formations without a touch of green or life is emotionally powerful. It is amazingly restful when I meditate on the beauty and isolation of this quiet stretch of our world.

Los Angeles skyline beyond the tracksLos Angeles Skyline beyond the tracks

Commerce is often the thing that drives prosperity in our world. In this image I love the contrast between the modern excess of the towering skyline with the older more rundown and foundational aspects of the train yard. without the movement of goods via trains much of the wealth our society generates would not be possible.

abstract reflectionsAbstract Reflections

Ok this is one of my favorite abstracts and was a huge driving force in my move and interest into abstract photography. On the surface the image is pretty straight forward. It is a reflection on the sand of Tower Zero in Huntington Beach, CA. When you slow down and linger over the image and follow the inverted reflection and the waves and ripples of the image creates on the sand it creates a sense of wonder and awe. Such a beautiful and reflective pause in your day.

1 rocks and algae 11x14 etsyRocks and Algae

Love the growth of green lit nicely by the soft setting sun. This is another image that draws us in and gives us a quiet moment to drink in the details. I don’t think we spend enough time in our busy lives being reflective and contemplative. There is something needed and strengthening when we learn to rest and pause. With this image you can kick off your shoes and heal and grow if you take the time to stop and see.

1 LA skyline from bridge panorama etsyLos Angeles Skyline from Bridge

This great image of the city of Los Angeles was taken from a bridge looking in on the city. Love the small bit of bridge on the lower left as a jumping point to see the beauty of the skyline.

1 empty sky cabins 8x10 etsyEmpty Sky Cabins

When you visit the Santa Cruz Boardwalk during the off season you might just find some beauty in our fascination with entertainment without the hustle and bustle of life happening. This image of the non-moving sky cabins are beautiful and slightly haunting as they wait for couples to enjoy a romantic aerial view of the ocean and Boardwalk.

empty carnival swings11x14 etsyEmpty Carnival Swings

When you visit the Santa Cruz Boardwalk during the off-season you might find some beauty in our fascination with entertainment without the hustle and bustle of life happening. This image of the stationary carnival swings are beautiful and slightly haunting as they wait for thrill seekers to spin wildly around and around in circles.

ferris wheel and palm tree black and whiteFerris Wheel and Palm Tree Abstract

There is something very intriguing to me about stationary and empty fun zone rides. This picture was captured at the Spectrum in Irvine, CA. This ride waits to fulfill its intended purpose but in its loneliness it creates a work of photographic beauty. Sit back and imagine the fun that waits for you as you see the world rising and falling as you spin around.

1 silhouetted light 8x10 etsySilhouetted Light

This piece was captured on the Huntington Beach Pier looking out over a lamp post from the plaza below. The sunset in the background creates a stunning light and silhouette. Light is an amazing thing it is intended to light the way in darkness and it also creates such beauty if you take the time to watch what it does to things that encounter its light.

3 fire hose plug small fileFire Hose Plug

This image was captured on a photo walk around my neighborhood. You really do find the most amazing things when you look at what is around you. The vibrancy of the red against the grays with the shallow depth of field really captures your eye in this abstract image.

1 balboa fun zone ferris wheel 8x10 black and white etsyEmpty Balboa Fun Zone Ferris Wheel

Just about everyone likes to take a ride on a Ferris Wheel. As you climb to the heights you see the world well beyond your reach. This black and white image has a great vintage feel to it and for me it creates a great sense of nostalgia for childhood and the innocence of those days. Hope you enjoy.

level one escalator b&w etsy 8x10Level One

This image was captured in a parking garage in Los Angeles, CA. Love the tones and the emptiness of the escalator. There is a modern sensibility to the ascetic of the size that I find appealing. It always strikes me as funny that this is level 1 but the escalator is going down. Where do you go from the ground floor metaphorically?

Santa Cruz Boardwalk abstract original red fileBoardwalk in Red

This is a high contrast image of the Boardwalk sign in Santa Cruz, CA. Love the abstract crop choice for this photograph. The bright red and stark white of the sky create such an amazing image.

red parasol and stones small fileRed Parasol and Stones

Love the juxtaposition of the medieval western world and the eastern world in this photograph. This photograph was taken not in the ruins of ancient Spain but in modern Laguna Beach, CA. This photograph breaks my general preference for not posing my images but finding beauty in the ordinary regular world I encounter. Sometimes breaking the rules creates the right dramatic capture that you are looking for. The bright pop of color in the lower third corner of this photograph draws your eye into the picture and gives a strong focal point.

red parasol and tower small fileRed Parasol and Tower Steps

Love the juxtaposition of the medieval western world and the eastern world in this photograph. This photograph was taken not in the ruins of ancient Spain but in modern Laguna Beach, CA.  This image is striking partially because it is not bound by time and location as it transports you to many different and unique worlds and raises questions and thoughts of globalization. Love how the stretch of weathered rust running down from the window on the tower leads your eye to the parasol sitting just off the side of the steps.

victoria tower with red parasol small fileVictoria Tower with Red Parasol

This third image in the Red Parasol series shows the full beauty of the Victoria Beach Tower. This mysterious tower was built in the 1920’s by the family that owned the home above the beach and was their means of getting down to the beach below. When creating this abstract series of images of the tower I wanted to create this interesting juxtaposition of east and west that wasn’t bound by time or location to open our thoughts to think about the modern convergence of cultures we are experiencing and that are echoing the cultural transformation that happened with the rise of the Renaissance.

red parasol underneath small fileRed Parasol Underneath

This final piece in the Red Parasol series is taken from underneath the parasol looking into the sun. Love the lines created by the bamboo frame on the parasol. One of my favorite parts of the composition on this photograph is the hint of beach and ocean creeping into the frame at the bottom of the image. This glimpse of beach grounds the image and then draws your eye to the support pole in the middle running up to the delicate bamboo structure that protects from the sun.

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